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[MIUI Fansites & Advanced Users] MIUI V6 English Translation Branch

Discussion in 'DEV & TRANSLATION GENERAL / RAZVOJNE & PREVODILAČKE OSNOVE' started by BalcanGSM, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. BalcanGSM

    BalcanGSM Founder

    Evo Nečega Što Djelim S MIUI Adria Zajednicom - MIUI V6 GitHub English Branch Za Prijevod MIUI Rom-a Na Naše Jezike Pa Ko Želi Neka Proba A I Ima Punu Podršku Od Mene U Vidu Pripreme Stringova / Obrade Istih / Apdejta


    • Even Its In Beta Phase I Maded MIUi V6 Translation Branch With English Strings On GitHub
    • This Thread Is Dedicated To All Xiaomi MIUI Fansites & Translators Which Wants To Be in Touch With Latest Strings For MIUI V6 Translation On Universal En Lang
    • Although I Dont Own Any Xiaomi Device I Created This Branch For All Xiaomi Enthusiasts & Specially Fansites In Order That Xiaomi MIUI V6 Be Translated To Latest Version
    • I Dont Have Much Time For Daily Updated Strings So i Will Update Strings When Have Time (Once Per Week At Least)
    • Device Sub-Branch Is Divided Based On Personal Experience & Subjective Opinion
    • I Suppose That All Devs Know How To Rename Folders\Files According Their Lang Basics - If Not Please Use This Guide (Big Thanks To Connor Tumbleson) - LINK
    • For Decompiling Of MIUI V6 Rom\Apks You Can Use jBart Or My Modded Version Of JBart-Adria Pre Madded For That Purpose (In Any Case Credits Goes To @BurgerZ )